Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: The Core Structure

    • Welcome! A Complete Overview of the Program

    • Before We Begin, A Check-In

    • Part One Overview: What To Expect

    • Business Model Exploration: Business Types, Categories of Services, and Passive Approaches

    • Vertical and Service Specialization: Key Decisions for a Strong Foundation

    • Developing Meaningful Offerings: Positioning A Lead-In Product and Business Building Service

    • Profitable Pricing: Projects, Retainers, and Value

    • Action Items - Part One

  • 2

    Part 2: The Success Formula

    • Making BIG Progress: Quarterly Planning, Monthly Reviews, Daily Practices

    • Crafting Your Core Message: Messaging That Resonates

    • Practices and application of a winning mindset

    • Action Items

  • 3

    Part 3: Economic Vitality

    • Closing deals by making sales simple

    • Your master sales script

    • Handling sales objections

    • Writing effective proposals to close deals

    • Personality-based marketing to get in front of clients

    • Marketing strategies for your unique consulting practice

    • Action Items

  • 4

    Part 4: Building Authority

    • The development and sharing of authority and expertise

    • Crafting your professional presence

    • The consultant client's buyers journey

    • Action Items

  • 5

    Part 5: Client Onboarding & Servicing

    • Onboarding like you've had a thousand clients before

    • Effective service fulfillment begins with your people

    • Lead and systemize your business to the next stage

    • Ongoing performance improvement

    • Action Items

Additional Value We Provide In Our Program

  • Tools and Worksheets

    For every step of the way, we make it as easy as possible for you to take action and make progress. Unlock your inner genius at each stage with the tools we provide to you to help focus your thinking.

  • Member Community

    We have developed a program that you can revisit at any time, but that is sequentially ordered so you can address the right aspects of your consulting business as the right time.

  • Personal Advisory

    Have an issue, challenge or question that you can’t find an answer to in the program? Simply ask for help on one of the two weekly Q&As, in the group, or by email to be guided to an appropriate direction or resolution.

We cover the critical areas:

  • How to design a business model that will be profitable, sustainable, and meaningful to you

  • How to find clients and communicate in a way that makes you stand out among the crowd

  • How to consult with prospects, create effective proposals, and close deals, even if you don't feel comfortable with "sales"

  • How to begin with new clients, deliver on your promises, and develop a trusted team

Hear from past clients

Marketing Guidance

Matt Santry

I learned a ton from working with David. It was great being able to ask questions and share resources and experiences with people that were 1 or 2 steps ahead of where my business was at the time.

Applying all I’ve learned – We grew our list from 0 to over 500 in less than a month and are currently getting subscribers at around $0.50 from Facebook Ads. The momentum is crazy and now my business partner and I are really excited about our upcoming product launch!

Seeing The Big Picture

Mark Williams

Before I worked with David, I tried to work on too many things at once. My business plan wasn’t clear. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t grow the business like I wanted to.

With David’s help, I was able to see the big picture and create a solid foundation. Now I have recurring clients and a growing business that gives me the lifestyle I want.

Invested in Client Success

Nick Sudhaus

David is the real deal. Not only is he one of the sharpest marketers out there (on both a tactical and strategic level) but David actually CARES about the success of the people he works with.

Dollar for dollar, there is no better investment than in a solid mastermind group, like David’s. You’ll form invaluable connections, see what’s working NOW and how to apply it in your unique situation which combined will shortcut your path to success — saving you months and even years of trial and error.

The Path to Quickly Move Ahead

John Donovan

David has been a fantastic mentor during my agency development. He is a great knowledge resource and extremely helpful in maintaining momentum during startup.

One of the biggest challenges for me was making decisions on software platforms, partners, and new client acquisition. David was fantastic in providing options and ideas to move forward quickly and confidently through these decisions, so I could begin getting clients and generating revenue.

The Power of a Group

Tony Bernard

I have been involved with a mastermind group that David is the leader of for many years now. Mastermind groups can be very rewarding. You need a person that is the leader or coach and David has been that in this Mastermind group with success! It has been well worth the investment of both time and cost!

David is a highly skilled Marketing person with a wide range of skills to help a business grow or become more profitable.

I like to use the term “Adapt and Adopt.” I say that because if you are open minded and you are listening to others how then handle things or work around things and you ask how can I adapt or adopt that to my business, you can save years of frustration and who know how much cost! Plus in this group setting, there are others that can offer different suggestions to help solve your problem or situation.

A Different Level of Coaching

Chris Justin

David has been a tremendous resource throughout my entrepreneurial journey. He continually astonishes me with how willing he is to help, whether it’s sharing his exact strategies for winning clients, or coaching me through a delicate sales situation, at a moment’s notice.

When you ask his advice on a problem, he listens deeply and gives well-thought and tailored solutions, not the superficial platitudes you hear from so many coaches out there. I highly recommend working with David if you get the opportunity to.


  • What are the actual components of this? What am I really getting here?

    Our program is divided into five parts, but offered on-demand. We provide the critical path for you to follow to develop your business. Each part has several sections designed in a sequence as well. You are provided with tools and action items along the way, in addition to the videos you watch that guide you.

    Additionally, you will join a community of others on the same path as you. "The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." This is always true in business and many people find a community of like-minded entrepreneurs highly valuable.

    Finally, you receive personalized guidance as well from your coach. This is provided in the community and on weekly coaching calls.

  • How much does the program cost?

    Enrollment in the program is a one-time fee of $1,500. This is priced to be quickly recouped by landing your first client.

  • How do I know if I'm ready?

    Let's examine this question. There is no particular skill set or skill level that you must obtain prior to joining this program. In fact, many people find great success when they are new to a field entirely.

    Philosopher of Science Thomas Kuhn wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn discovered that most paradigm shifts in science are brought about either by young people or people originally trained in a different discipline. This is because they were not trapped by a concept called “Einstellung”, which will block thoughts due to their preceding training.

    We have spoken with thousands of people who are brand new or veterans in consulting, marketing, sales, and otherwise. The same challenges arise and leave otherwise highly intelligent and motivated people stumped. We help them around and through those challenges.

  • What is the refund policy? Is there any guarantee?

    The success of our clients is paramount. This is explicitly spelled out on our About page in our Values and Mission.

    First, if there is any situation where you are not fully satisfied; or, if you simply don't feel that you would enthusiastically recommend us to a friend who is embarking on a similar path, please let us know. We want to be sure you love us.

    If for whatever reason we cannot fulfill what you are seeking, we are happy to extend a refund to those who meet the following criteria: (a) They have taken a discovery call with us prior to joining, (b) They made their payment within the last 30-days, and (c) They have completed at least four-parts of the program. If such is the case, please email us directly at

  • Is there more information available about Consulting MBA?

    Yes! Please visit our website, You will find further information about the program, our founder, and the principles behind our company. Also, be sure to check out the blog and subscribe for ongoing updates.

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